Calm Your Anxiety – Heal Your Mind – Live Your Life

All the anti-anxiety advice you received would not work unless you take it up in your hands to take action. At some point in time in our lives, and at different levels, we all experience anxiety and it is this anxiety that overwhelms us making it difficult to deal with bothering issues.

Anxiety is a vicious cycle that does not stop and leads to overthinking, hampering productivity, eventually disturbing life.

Getting over anxiety is difficult but not impossible. Repressing it doesn’t work, nor does neglecting it. But what works is effective techniques that need to be practiced every day to calm your anxiety, heal your mind and live your life.

Committing to 15-30 minutes a day can help you overcome racing thoughts, the tightening in your chest and the shortness of your breath. Here’s what you need to do –

Learn deep-breathing exercises

Deep-breathing is free, location independent and easy to implement. All you need to do is concentrate on your breathing – exhale and inhale. Lose focus of your surrounding and focus only on your breath – going in and going out.

Repeat this as many times as necessary to calm your senses.

Practice self-care

Pamper yourself in ways you can. It can be as simple as a head massage to as lavish as a spa. Groom yourself, dress well and feel good about yourself.

Stay in the present

Does your mind relives the past or thinks about the future all the time? Yes you’ve had some negative experiences in the past but it doesn’t mean the future will hold the same. It is our present that leads way to our future and living in the present, in every moment will help you heal from whatever causes you anxiety.

Broaden your views

Anxiety makes our mind contract and we tend to focus on the issue at hand rather than seeing the larger picture. Talk to yourself, ask questions – Is this situation really difficult to face? Will it matter to me after 5-7 years? Can I do something to change it?

Decide whether it is helpful or not

Even if the situation or thought is true doesn’t mean it needs your full focus. Thinking about the odds sometimes can help you come out of situations or thoughts.

Get rid of the clutter

If things are strewn all over it adds to the stress. Organize, categorize, and donate. Don’t clog up your space as it somewhere clogs up your mind.

Wake up 15 minutes early

Like most anxious people, you might be rushing in the morning to get things done. Get up 15 minutes earlier and set yourself for a relaxed day ahead.

Reduce sugar, caffeine and processed food

Caffeine triggers anxiety attacks and so does sugar and food made with refined flour.

Realize the difference between feelings and facts

Negative thoughts cause negative feelings, but you need to understand these feelings are developed by your thoughts and they might not be true. You need to distinguish between them.

Practice gratitude

As bad as the situation is, there is always something to be grateful about. Be thankful about small things in life by taking note of all the positives you are surrounded by.

Be more social

Being an introvert is good, but so is socializing. Life is fun when you have people around you so even if you don’t feel like, go out there.


An anti-anxiety remedy, it clears up the mind, fires up the endorphins and helps sleep soundly at night. Researchers have found that people who exercise regularly are 25% less likely to develop an anxiety disorder within 5 years.

Accept your anxiety

Whether you inherited the anxiety gene or it is a result of your lifestyle, rather than fighting or neglecting it, accept it. Understand that it needs to be worked on, regularly.

Visit a therapist

Nobody deserves to feel bad. Visit a qualified therapist if your anxiety is hampering your life.

You don’t need to live with anxiety anymore. Small changes in your daily routine can lead to big changes in your life. It is all in your hands so get up and take charge. Calm your anxiety, heal your mind, live your life!

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